Personal Experience vs. The Word of God

There was once a sick lady who had a preacher lay hands on her. After she fell backwards to the ground, she got up healed.

Many years later, she was sick again and she called me up to ask me if I could also lay hands on her for the same experience.

I told her: “I have people who fall when I lay hands and pray- but sometimes they don’t fall. And I don’t think falling should be your emphasis…”

Your focus should be getting healed. Come to church, we’ll teach you about healing— we have had many good results of people getting healed!

Do you think she showed up? 


There’s no scripture in the Bible that says if you fall down you will get up healed! In order to stay Biblically balanced, make sure that you’re not elevating your personal experience above the Word.

God may heal somebody by a particular manifestation of the Holy Spirit and then never again the same way. For example, Jesus once used his spit to make a deaf man hear. Was it the spit that did the healing or God?

Let’s keep our eyes on the Healer & the Word, rather than the method or the experience.

It’s human nature to go to either extreme– how can you stay Biblically-balanced in a world that swings like a pendulum?

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