Are you an ABC? Learn the MAIN way that God speaks

An “ABC” is an Authentic, Bible-believing Christian. ABC’s know that the Bible is the Word of God and they know to prioritize reading their Bibles every day.

When an ABC reads, they read to answer just one question:

“How will I be different today because of what I just read?”

ABC’s are a bit different to most Christians because they know that the Bible is a guidebook to everyday living. It’s not a dry, historical text with no connection to the present.

Instead, it’s a living, breathing book which provides solutions for an ABC’s daily life. 

One of the main ways that God speaks is through His Word. 

Everyday that you choose not to pick up your Bible is a day that you might miss hearing God speaking correction & direction into your life. 

Reading the Bible doesn’t have to be complicated. Most ABC’s (including myself) follow a daily devotional schedule like this one.

Will you read with me and become an ABC?

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