Merchants Of Death – Global Oligarchs And Their War On Humanity


“Merchants of Death – Global Oligarchs and Their War on Humanity” by Professors John Gideon Hartnett and Augusto Zimmermann is a thought-provoking exploration of the alleged totalitarian agenda of global oligarchs. The book delves into topics such as one-world government, control over financial systems, and the potential implications of a cashless society and digital implantable ID technology. Drawing upon allegorical references, the authors discuss the concept of a mark of control, inspired by the Book of Revelation. The book also examines the idea of population control and the alleged motivations of powerful figures. Ultimately, it suggests that a ‘Great Reset’ within individuals, characterized by repentance and spiritual transformation, may be the key to navigating uncertain times. “Merchants of Death” offers a unique perspective on global power dynamics and the individual’s role in shaping their own destiny.