12 Keys to a Good Relationship With God


Alexis is a 6-year-old who loves to attend church and enjoys studying at a Christian school, but she realized not everyone has a relationship with God just because they go to church or attend a Christian school. A lot of adults dismiss the idea that children can get saved and have a good relationship with God from a young age. Parents send children to “children’s church” or “Christian class” but don’t expect children to get answers from prayer or impact other children’s lives through miracles and healing.Alexis wondered if it’s possible for her to find out who God really is for herself and help other children get their own answers.

She was thrilled to discover 12 keys that open up amazing and supernatural experiences with God. Inspired by conversations with his daughter, her father who is an author and public speaker wrote this children’s book so that other children can find the thrill of knowing God our Creator. Assuring and delightful, “12 Keys to a Good Relationship with God” captures the essence of a relationship all children can have with a loving and powerful God.