What words are you speaking? The power of death and life in YOUR tongue!

After giving a message to the church on the topic of serving and Donkey Ministry, a church member soon wrote an email to me and said: 

“I just fell sick— Ps. Steve please pray for me so that I can come to the church office to volunteer. But if not, I’ll see you next week.”

It sounds like they were saying: “I would like to be healed, but I really don’t expect to be healed, so I’ll probably see you next Saturday.”

Can you see how that’s not going to work? That’s called doubt. 

And if they were in doubt, then what’s the use of me praying? I would pray, the person wouldn’t get healed, and then we’d blame God. 

God is never at fault! 

The Bible says that your death and life, your well-being and sickness will be controlled by the power of your own tongue. 

I base my words on the Word of God. I try to police myself and make sure that I only speak God’s Word!

When I pray, I don’t contradict my prayer with any “ifs, buts, or Plan-B.” 

Listen this week to the words that you’re speaking. Then comment below and let me know what you’ve noticed and are going to change.

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