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TV Offer-2 A Christian Tour of Saudi Arabia and Where is Series

For your donation of $30 or more, you will receive these gift DVD sets of Pastor Steve Cioccolanti’s latest revelation through: “A Christian Tour of Saudi Arabia” and “Where is Series”

A Christian Tour Of Saudi Arabia
Join Pastor Steve Cioccolanti on the remarkable, inaugural Discover Ministries expedition to Saudi Arabia. Knowing the great men of God; Moses, Elijah and Paul all went to Horeb – Mount Sinai, to hear from God, Pastor Steve was eager to lead a team to Saudi Arabia to hear from God himself. The team explored the likelihood of it being the actual location of God’s Holy Meeting Place. Travelling with an open heart to hear God Ps Steve received many biblical confirmations that they were following the actual footsteps of Moses from Midian to the real Mount Sinai. This is a magnificently presented film of a miraculously momentous event. See the landmarks and unique landscape of Exodus 17, untouched for centuries, because God had it hidden until now.

Where Is Series
See the ancient mysteries of the book of Revelation unfold before your eyes. Pastor Steve Cioccolanti visited Saudi Arabia soon after it opened to tourists. Learn why it is now open and what God revealed to him in this exciting two-part series. God is preparing the body of Christ for His soon return. Be as ready as the wise virgins for God is sharing exciting revelations with His End Time church.

Don’t be one of the five virgins left behind!

Today’s special offer will unlock 3 powerful teachings by Pastor Steve Cioccolanti on the topics of:

  • Where is the Real Mount Sinai?
  • Where is Mystery Babylon?
  • A Christian Tour of Saudi Arabia

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